The Boggs Family

They were two living two lives going the wrong direction in a fast, furious, and a potentially fatal pace. But God Who is rich in mercy, wherewith He loved Keith and Nichole and by His sovereign plan, God put these two broken lives together. ED9A2321-3

In a backslidden condition, Keith found himself in a church service in South Georgia where he would hear a song, “Come Just As You Are,” sung by Nichole. Looking beyond the pulpit-shaped cross, Keith listened as Nichole sang. She sang with beauty and grace, though broken on the inside by her own struggles. They both made the song their heart cry.


God can use your brokenness,

only if you give Him all of the pieces.


Now Keith and Nichole have been married 17 years and God has blessed them with nine children–Madison, Morgan, Mallory, Meghan, Joshua, Stephen, Maleah, Mercy, and Mae Ellyn. What God has done in the lives of Keith and Nichole has been exceeding, abundantly, above all they ever dreamed or desired. Living in North Georgia, the Boggs family has launched REAL MOMENTUM Ministries in February 2013 after being ministered to through The City of Refuge at First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA where Dr. Johnny Hunt is the Pastor.

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Boggs Family Photos By Andrea Wood Photography

Andrea Wood Photography