Our Story

In August 2011, God clearly told us to "Come Unto Him" in more ways than one, but most importantly He told us through His Word. It meant that, for us to follow Him, we would need to step away from pastoring, to step away from family and friends, and yes… to step away from the security of finances. When the Lord spoke, it was not in a strong wind, it was not in an earthquake, but in a still, small voice that eventually thundered in our ears and shook as an earthquake in our hearts… God spoke loud and clear.

Some may have thought we made a hasty decision in resigning as a pastor, but we had known for months that God was up to something in our own hearts. And, if we did not follow Him it would be disobedience on our part, and as a result we would rob Him of His glory… and not following His leading was something we couldn't afford. Still, we just didn't know exactly what or when. Even months into this journey we can honestly say that we are still "coming unto Him" and there is no better pursuit.



In obeying Him, we all have been able to rest, heal, regain focus and resolve for His direction for our life and ministry as a family. It has been a time of restoration and a time of reflection. I can sum it all up with one word… REVIVAL! This was a call to be with Him… a call that could not go unanswered by this man or his family. We have been loved and cared for by so many in so many ways. One way has been through a ministry called The City of Refuge at FBC Woodstock, GA where Dr. Johnny Hunt is our pastor. Other ways of ministry have been through prayers, phone calls, cards, emails, and love gifts from people who have been led to minister to us. Every week we are stirred through songs, preaching, and the genuine love of the Body of Christ. Our children have experienced such generosity and powerful testimonies of the Christian life during this unique time in our lives.

This season in our life has also been a time where I have helped Nichole get the children ready for worship, something I have not been able to do in over ten years. It has been a time where we have sat together as a family during the church services. We have attended Sunday School together after dropping off the children to their classes. We have had times of prayer and seeking God's face together. During this season, we have worked on our own marriage and focused more intentionally on parenting to the glory of God. And together, we continually seek God in our own hearts for personal revival. This has indeed been a precious time.

For His Glory!
On behalf of Nichole, Madison, Morgan, Mallory, Meghan, Joshua, Stephen, Maleah, & Mercy